Live Music Schedule Key West / Lower Keys

If your in Key West right now, chances are you can hear live music coming from somewhere. We’ll help you find it with up to date Key West live music schedule from various venues and event listings throughout the Lower Keys.

Today’s Shows

What Will the Key West Music Scene Look Like Post Pandemic?

What Will the Key West Music Scene Look Like Post Pandemic? Establishing rules of scope are important when framing a “What If” discussion. Our purpose here is imagining Live music in Key West after the island opens to tourists, but without a proven vaccine. This is what begins June 1st. The days of jamming hundreds…

Season Opens for Howard Livingston & MM24 Band

By Jamie Collins For Trop Rock musician Howard Livingston, life in the Keys each day is like winning the lottery. On a recent episode of the PBS show Samantha Brown’s Places to Love, he said, “Everybody here wants to be here.”  That is true of his own past, a story which leads him from Chicago…

Key West Guitarist Springsteen Returns to Keys Feb. 13-15

By Jamie Collins Guitarist Emily Springsteen is on a mission, one that involves two hot topics heard around the world right now – garbage, for the most part, and recycling. “I like to promote environmental issues,” the former Key-West based musician said of her new song titled “The Ten Cent Bottle Law.” It refers to…

Live music is a primary ingredient to the tropical island culture of Key West and the Florida Keys. Thankfully we have no shortage of talented local musicians as well as touring bands who find it hard to pass up an opportunity to play in Key West. You can find great live music literally every where you turn.

Our goal is to give visitors and locals alike a resource for a reliable and up to date live music schedule for venues up and down the Florida Keys.