Grab a can of cold beer and pull up a repurposed school bus seat because G Love is coming back “On The Rock.” Garret Dutton’s (G Love’s) North American concert tour will certainly make him money. Stopping by the dilapidated artist colony on Stock Rock casts a vote of confidence currency for Billy Kearins and his crew. Coast’s rusty corrugated metal, reclaimed wooden stage, and working skateboard half pipe encourage the vibe that G.Love is returning to rediscover.

Photo Cred: Chris Higgenz

The first musical commandment of Key West remains: Thou Shalt Not  Take The Green Parrot for granted. However, the revitalized Key West Theater on Eaton Street has contributed to a new taboo: Locals Will Actually Pay For Music Now? Revivalists’ David Shaw and Zack Feinberg shows underlined a big yes in December last year when they sold out Coast immediately and packed a second date at historic San Carlos Institute on Duval the same week. Coast founder Kearins manufactured a happy commercial and cultural balance with those two shows that he intends to repeat this week.

Photo Cred: Daniel At Southernmost Photography

Framing artwork is an art itself. Artistic ambition activates that part of your brain that too often is ignored or abused at work. Whether it’s outdoors on Stock Island, inside the finely manicured San Carlos Theater, or somewhere in between Coast Projects and its crew are reinventing a musical wheel. Change only occurs through happy accidents on this island. With happy audiences and paid performers Coast Projects’ exceptional work might just become the island rule.

See G Love at San Carlos on May 9th and at Coast on May 10th. More info at