Things just keep getting better at the Key West Theater.  This November 10th we are lucky enough to have the legendary Blues Traveler paying us a visit.  Blues Traveler hit their peak of popularity in the Mid Nineties with their mega hits, Run Around and Hook, but they have been active since 1987 as a well known Jam Band.  Their unique fusion of blues, folk and psychedelic rock has captivated audiences for almost 30 years.  Blues Traveler is first and foremost a live band.  Their shows feature extended improvisation and song segues (meaning they jam one song into another without stopping), so don’t go expecting a show of pop radio singles.  They stretch out their songs and craft unique setlists for each of their shows and a Key West set is bound to be extra special.  They are touring in support of their most recent album, Blow Up the Moon.  Blow Up the Moon is their 12th studio album but their first album featuring collaborations on each track with acts such as The Dirty Heads and Bowling for Soup.  Check out this video from one of the tracks below and head over to the Key West Theater and BUY TICKETS!