Suenalo is back at the Parrot for 2 nights 9/23 & 9/24.  Likely playing 3 sets each day, Suenalo keeps things interesting by always changing up their set lists and playing extended jams and solos.  They always pack the Parrot as they are one of the best bands to see in Key West.  Suenalo captures the feeling of South Florida and the Keys that goes way beyond songs about palm trees and margaritas.  Their sound vibes perfectly with modern Key West reflecting the bustling energy and beauty of daily life on the island.  They are one of those bands that you can sometimes forget to go see, since you know they will always be back, but the September shows are always a little more local and a little more special because of it.

From the Green Parrot:

Suenalo, the Miami-based 8-piece Afro-Latin-funk-jam band, explodes on to The Green Parrot Stage for two pelvis-grinding nights of  of funk, mambo, cumbia, and hip-hop, Any Parrot patron present for Suenalo’s past Parrot shows will remember a barrage of music that’s simultaneously Afro-Cuban, Dominican hip-hop, R&B, Latin-Funk, Cuban Rumba, and Colombian Cumbia. The ensemble employs rhythms from Brazil to Jamaica, including samba, rumba, son, hip-hop, and reggae, mainly focusing on fusing Afro-beat and Latin rhythms with funk and rhythm and blues.

The group’s members form a multicultural cocktail, a crashing wave of African beats, reggae, dancehall, and samba that make Suenalo one of the most eclectic bands to emerge from Miami in years. Formed in 2002 in the vibrant neighborhood of Little Havana, Suénalo has won legions of loyal fans and recently garnered Best Local Latin Rock Band honors from the Miami New Times, where they were dubbed as the source of Miami’s best new spin on rock, Latin or otherwise.